Many wealth management and investment firms offer unique benefits. For some it is the credentials of their professional staff. For others, it is their internal processes and financial disciplines. And for others still, it is their proprietary service or product offerings. While these claims make some firms unique, to us they miss the mark.

At Sequent, we offer a unique approach - the focused experience we have in working with families and their businesses. As a comprehensive multi-family office, we specialize in helping families who have, had or will have their own business. Be it a multi-generational family owning and running a closely held business or a high ranking corporate executive of a publicly traded or privately held company or a professional with their own practice; our differentiation is not in what we do, but rather what our clients do and how we help them do it better. It is about reducing the fear of income or estate taxes being improperly handled that put business and family wealth at risk. It is about nurturing the hope for creating an enduring business or financial legacy that can be transferred to future generations through proper succession and financial and investment plans. And, it is about having a trusted go-to source to act as a sounding board regarding the compilation of personal and business affairs that create unique risks and opportunities. We specialize in helping families at key financial crossroads.

So instead of reciting our professional pedigree, or providing you with a summary of proprietary investment processes or financial models or tax strategies, let us simply invite you to click on the "Why Sequent" tab to find out more about how we help our client families become more successful.